Catering Products

Our catering boxes are of the finest quality sourced from a wide range of professional manufacturers, dedicated in serving the fast food industry to the highest standard and respect to the environment, adding to the customer’s food experience.
Our catering product collection comprises of recyclable plastic boxes, trays and foam boxes that can be used for the storage and presentation of cold and hot food.

Our big variety of paper, plastic and foam cups, suitable for both cold and hot beverages, stand out due to their impeccable design and versatility. The large range of available options implies that we can satisfy any need for any occasion.

Our plastic plates are made from sturdy materials in round or oval shape, in different sizes and options, provide an easy and disposable solution for large parties or other occasions. They can be paired with our disposable takeaway cutlery.

Use our baking cups when making cupcakes and muffins. There is a significant range of available sizes, colours and prints that will allow you to decorate your muffin tins according to your taste. Use your imagination, and create fun decorations for kids parties too.

Individually wrapped or not, in different sizes, packages and colours, our straws are imported from suppliers who comply with food & drink regulations.

Aluminium foil can be used for wrapping, food storage, and it is also suitable for baking. The contents remain fresh and retain their original properties and ingredients for a long time. Our aluminium folis are available in different sizes and volume.

Toothpicks and Bamboo skewers are provided in many different packages, to suit every need.

The primary reason for using cling film is to cover up food. Its strength and elasticity make our cling film unique in the market. It’s able to fit neatly into or around almost any shape of container.

Whether you’re baking cookies, roasting vegetables, or making the sweetest of candy, pan stickiness is something you want to avoid. Baking paper can be used to coat pans, provide a non-stick surface, and minimize cleaning time.