Safety Data

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1. Chemical Products for Domestic Use

1.1 Nexlora Bleach 3%
1.2 Nexlora Bleach 3% with perfume
1.3 Nexlora Ultra
1.4 Nexlora Chlorine Cleaner
1.5 Luxus Descaler
1.6 Luxus cleaner
1.7 Four Stars Plumber

2. Chemical Products for Industrial Use

2.1 Georghiades Sodium Hypochlorite 12%
2.2 Sodium Hydroxide Solution
2.3 Caustic Soda Pearls
2.4 Chlorine Gas
2.5 Chlorine Dioxide ( Blitzene )
2.6 Hydrochloric Acid
2.7 Nitric Acid
2.8 Citric Acid
2.9 Hydrogen Peroxide

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