A.P.GEORGHIADES established over 50 years ago, manufactures vital chemical and cleaning products, essential to the wellbeing of society. Sodium Hypochlorite and its derivative products are used every day to create a better and cleaner world. Product safety is our priority. Rooted in science our brands of NEXLORA, LUXUS, LANATEX and Four Stars are used every day by People trusting us in developing products safe for them, their families, and the environment.
Furthermore, imports of Inorganic and organic chemical products such as Chlorine, Nitric, Citric and Hydrochloric Acids, Hydrogen Peroxide, Caustic Soda, and Chlorine Dioxide sourced from reliable partners ensure best quality and reasonable pricing.
Additionally, disposable items such as paper and plastic products, cutlery, aluminum dishes, aluminum foil, oil paper, cling films and more are delivered in accordance with the purpose of making sustainable living commonplace.